Change consumer unit quote

Upgrade Old Fuse Box or Consumer Unit with NICEIC Scheme and Notify to Building Control.If you hire our services, we issue the Electrical Installation and Building Control Certificate for FREE.

Consumer Unit

Electrician’s Work Schedule to upgrade your Old fuse box with the Standard regulation BS-7671 :

Below is an example of a works schedule, it includes all the work involved with a fusebox change:

  1. initial visual inspection to existing electrics and accessibility.
  2. fault finding and testing of existing electrics if there is one.
  3. report to customer and offer quotation for fusebox and any extra work that may be required such as bonding/earthing protective conductor comply with the regulation.
  4. remove and replace fusebox for the new box Consumer Unit
  5. test the circuits, bonding and earthing and sign off the work with a building control notification certificate

Fault Finding if exist an electrical problem :

This really should be done before the unit is replaced so our electrician knows what, if any, issues will need to be corrected first.

Installing a new box first can lead to unexpected charges when your electrician does his final fault finding and locates a whole host of issues that need be fixed before the work is signed off, if there is a electrical problem that you had detected before you have to tell to our electrical Engineer to avoid any delays.

Here is an explanation of bonding conductor that have to comply with the British Standard BS-7671

Electrical bonding is the practice of intentionally electrically connecting all exposed straneous metallic items like water pipes or gas pipes not designed to carry electricity in a room or building as protection from electric shock. If a failure of electrical insulation occurs, all bonded metal objects in the room will have substantially the same electrical potential, so that an occupant of the room cannot touch two objects with significantly different potentials. Even if the connection to a distant earth ground is lost, the occupant will be protected from dangerous potential differences.

When replacing a fusebox, Our electrician will need to check the existing bonding is up to standard, upgrades will add to the cost.

Earthing is where a direct conducting path is created between your electrical installation and the ground. This protects you from shocks. The earthing in your property will need to be checked as part of a new fusebox installation.
How Long Does it Take to Replace a Fusebox?
This depends on the condition of the existing installation. However, we can estimate that for a typical 3-bed house the work will take about two hours for the box change and  between 2-5 hours for testing, fault finding and correcting. So, expect the work to take over half a day if there is not extra job with some electrical faults, also must of our customer upgrade the old fuse box to comply with regulation BS-7671 to protect the tenants from electric shock and avoid any event of fire in the property.
What About the Cost of the Materials?
A fully loaded consumer unit/fusebox will included in our standard price you don’t have to be worry about this, our price is for the job completed.  Also you can request to adjust the price in case you want to supply the material.
Building Control Notification and Fees
There is electrician is not Competent Person Scheme member then your local building control will need to inspect the work before it can be signed off, this can cost several hundred pounds and isn’t a desirable option .
However, We are a Company Registered with NICEIC Scheme , We are self-certify that the work meets current regulations and provide you with a copy of the certificate that is sent to building control.
New Fusebox Cost
You can expect a new consumer unit/fusebox, professionally installed, tested and the work notified to set you back around £500.00 in total from another competitor,  For a house with 3 bedroom. Our standard price with Electrical Installation Certificate is roughly £400 to change your old fuse box job completed. you have to bear of mind if the new box it does not fit in the old fuse box  and we have to move cable and make  extension this could Carry out extra- job which that we must charge extra material and workmanship. If it is your case. If however, your existing wiring is up to standard and all the testing goes smoothly, you could end up paying less although anything below £400.00 in total for the job completed, would be unusual for this type of work. You should also consider the extra charges you may need to pay, bonding work and replacing the meter tails will add extra cost if they’re needed.
A new consumer unit isn’t a replacement for a house rewire and if your electrics are really that out of date and dangerous you may find you need much more than a new consumer unit. We always suggest having a full check of your existing wiring before having any work carried out, you’ll get peace of mind and will avoid any unexpected charges.