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Smoke, heat and Carbon Monoxide CO2 Alarms

Smoke, heat alarm and Carbon Monoxide CO2 installation is crucial for fire safety in domestic properties.

Smoke, heat alarm and Carbon Monoxide CO2 installation is crucial for fire safety in domestic properties. Here's a summary of the key points from the provided information:

1. Types of Alarms:

  • Mains powered alarms with battery backup are commonly used in domestic properties. These alarms can be Grade D (connected to a dedicated circuit) or Grade E (connected to a nearby lighting circuit). Grade F is used for battery-powered alarms.
  • Mains powered alarms should be installed by a qualified electrician, and a NICEIC certificate is typically issued for this installation.

2. Alarm Supplier:

  • 'aico' is the preferred supplier for Green Electrical for heat, smoke alarms and CO2, emphasizing high quality and proven products.

3. Choosing the Right Alarm:

  • The choice of alarm type should be based on the specific area within the property to avoid false alarms and ensure optimal protection.
  • Multi-Sensor alarms (combining optical and heat sensors) are suitable for hallways, landings, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.
  • Optical Smoke Alarms (infra-red beam) are best for hallways, landings, and living rooms.
  • Heat Sensors (detect temperature changes) are ideal for kitchens and garages.
  • Ionisation Sensors (detect fast-flaming fires) are recommended for bedrooms but not for kitchens.
  • Carbon Monoxide :  is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, poisonous gas which can be released from faulty heating or cooking systems and other fuel burning appliances. If you’re exposed to high levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO), it can be fatal. Protect your household from this invisible risk by ensuring you have reliable Carbon Monoxide Alarms installed throughout your home.

  • Ei208 Battery CO Alarm

    Keep your home safe with the battery-powered Ei208 Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Using a 10-year lithium cell and built-in AudioLINK+ functionality, the alarm can monitor and signal early signs of Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels in your household.

4. Interconnected Alarms:
  • Alarms should be interconnected throughout the property, ensuring that all alarms sound in the event of activation for improved audibility.
  • RadioLINK technology, using radio frequency (RF) signals, is recommended for wireless interconnection between alarms.
  • Interconnecting alarms is vital and required by British Standard BS 5839-6:2013.
  • Wireless interconnection has several advantages, including saving time, reducing installation disruption, and making it easier to add new alarms and accessories.

5. Recommended Products:

  • Green Electrical recommends specific models for each alarm type, such as Ei3024 for Multi-Sensor, Ei3016 for Optical Smoke Alarms, Ei3014 for Heat Sensors, and Ei161e for Ionisation Sensors.
  • For wireless interconnection, Aico RadioLink + Ei100MF is recommended.
  • The RadioLINK+ module Ei100MRF is compatible with the 160e Series and the Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm, Ei2110e.
  • Also we recommend 10yrs Lithium battery as Ei650, Ei603, Ei208 and interlinked 10yrs Lithium battery smoke alarm Ei650RF, heat alarm Ei603RF and Carbon monoxide CO2 alarm Ei208WRF with fire alarm certificate included in our installation.

6. Smoke Alarm Positioning:

  • In bedrooms, use optical smoke detectors or combined optical smoke and heat detectors.
  • In landings, use ionisation smoke alarms or combined optical smoke and heat detectors.
  • In the kitchen and garage, use heat alarms.

By following these guidelines and recommendations, you can ensure the effective installation of smoke and heat alarms for fire safety in domestic properties.

Enhancing Home Safety with Aico's Smoke Alarm Installation Services

EnergyNorth.uk is committed to improving the safety and well-being of homeowners throughout the region. We understand the paramount importance of fire safety, and one of the key measures to ensure this safety is the installation of high-quality smoke and heat alarms. To provide our customers with the best solutions, we have partnered with Aico, a trusted brand known for their top-of-the-line fire detection products.

Our Expertise in Smoke Alarm Installation

At EnergyNorth.uk, we have a deep understanding of the different types of smoke alarms and heat alarms available in the market. Our team of highly trained professionals is equipped to guide homeowners in selecting the most suitable alarm for their specific needs.

We recognize that the safety of your family and property is of utmost importance. This is why we have chosen Aico as our preferred supplier for smoke and heat alarms. Aico has consistently delivered high-quality, proven products that have earned the trust of homeowners and experts alike.

The Aico Advantage

Aico's product range encompasses a variety of advanced alarm sensors that can be strategically placed throughout your home for comprehensive fire detection. These sensors include:

  • Multi-Sensor Alarms: Designed to detect both smoke and heat, multi-sensor alarms provide a superior response to all types of fires, from fast flaming to slow smoldering. They are ideal for installation in hallways, landings, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

  • Optical Smoke Alarms: Using an infrared beam to detect smoke, optical smoke alarms are perfect for areas like hallways, landings, and living rooms. They are especially effective in detecting slow, smoldering fires, such as electrical fires.

  • Heat Alarms: Tailored for kitchens and garages, heat alarms are designed to eliminate nuisance alarms caused by cooking fumes. They only detect changes in temperature and are not recommended for other areas of the home.

  • Ionisation Sensors: Ionisation alarms are best suited for bedrooms, as they detect invisible smoke particles emitted by fast-flaming, clean-burning fires, like bedding and clothing. They should be avoided in or near kitchens to prevent false alarms from cooking fumes.

Interconnected Safety

Ensuring that all alarms sound in the event of activation is crucial for the safety of your family. EnergyNorth recommends interconnecting your alarms, which is required by the British Standard BS 5839-6:2013. Our experts can seamlessly implement this interconnection using Aico's RadioLINK technology, which eliminates the need for complex wiring runs, reduces installation time, minimizes disruption, and saves costs.

Your Safety is Our Priority

EnergyNorth, in partnership with Aico, is dedicated to making your home a safer place. We're here to help you select the right smoke and heat alarms for your property and ensure their professional installation. Trust us to keep you and your loved ones protected.

For more information on fire safety, smoke alarm installation, and Aico's products, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your safety is our top priority.


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